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Professional Services

How can we assist you with your system performance?

Our team of professionals have a proven track record and expert industry knowledge to help you manage your systems, and solve your problems. Our team brings best practice experience countless successful consulting, training, implementation and trouble shooting engagements. We can help you assess your business needs, create a best-practice strategy, and to deploy technology. You can trust use to jet the job done; after all Rocket Software leverages us when its time to update the UniData and UniVerse Administration Exams.

Contact Paradigm Systems Professional Services to find out more.

Application Optimization

With extensive experience developing software for the U2 environment, we can help you optimize your applications and keep them running at optimal performance. We can Discover and fix bottlenecks in your code allowing you to gain efficiency and improve scalability.

Health Checks

It is recommended that a U2 Health Check be performed at a minimum on one per year to verify your system is running at optimal performance. Having designed and written the leading U2 database administration tool, Mercury, we understand what it takes to tune your system.

Our top U2 experts will monitor and review your specific environment and calculate the proper configuration for your system for the most efficient use of resources.

At the end of the Health Check, you will be provided with a report identifying issues along with recommendation to resolve the issues.

Remote DBA

Your U2 environment needs to be managed on a regular basis. Resource Management, Log monitoring, handling of various events, and regular database cleanup, analysis and resizing are paramount when it comes to maintaining your system. unfortunately many organization either ignore database maintenance, or simply don’t have the time to do what is needed.

At Paradigm Systems, we have the time and expertise to keep your system properly tuned. Let us manage your U2 database for you.

Vendor Product Support

We understand that you may have multiple products from different vendors. At Paradigm Systems we have extensive experience with multiple vendor products and can help you leverage those products.

Products Supported

  • HRPyramid/PrismHR
  • Welland EXPORT
  • MV Dashboard

Regardless of who supplied your software or technology, we are here to help. Whether you have a simple question or need assistance configuring, upgrading or converting, we can help you resolve those difficult issues.

Custom Software Design

From design to planning and on through development Paradigm Systems can help you tailor a solution specifically for your needs. Whether its small-scale software development for a singe function or a complete business solution, we can help.


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