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Product Features

Mercury offers many great features that allow you to take complete control of your database.

Low Cost – Mercury is affordable. When considering the value Mercury provides and the peace of mind you will gain knowing your database is being monitored 24/7 the ROI is apparent.

Stability – Mercury is stable. Designed and built by one of the fore most experts in U2 database administration, to meet his expectations; Mercury has been created to deliver.

Performance – Mercury’s number one job is to monitor and improve your database performance. Our team of experts are constantly improving on its performance, which translates to improving your systems performance.

Ease of use – Mercury is easy to use. With its familiar web interface, and easy click icons, most users can manage their systems the moment it has been installed.

Flexibility – Mercury offers flexibility. You can be involved in the management of your database as much or as little as you like; from total manual operation to set-it and forget-it.

Expandable – Mercury is expandable as well. Our team of engineers is constantly creating new features, improving database management and expanding on the modules available.

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