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The Complete Solution

Mercury is the ultimate file management tool for Rocket Software’s UniData and UniVerse (U2) databases. No other database management system available for U2 offers a complete solution like Mercury. Not even a full time DBA can offer the benefits that Mercury provides.

There are currently several file resize utilities on the market that will provide file analysis and perform file resizing. But when it comes to repairing corrupted files, recovering disk space, or locating and fixing orphaned files, or VOC entries, only Mercury provides a complete database management solution.

According to the median salary for a U2 database administrator is between $74,000 and $97,000 and could climb as high as $115,000 or more per year. If you don’t have the right DBA you could find yourself burning through cash trying to fix your database issues.

Mercury allows you to take completecontrol of your database without the need for a full time DBA, saving you piles of cash. It’s like having the premier DBA working for you at a fraction of the cost.

Even if you already have the DBA of your dreams, Mercury will help your DBA get the most out of your system. Your DBA will be able to use Mercury to perform his job better and faster than ever before, allowing him to concentrate on other more pressing issues, and you will be able to sleep at night knowing that your system is being management 24/7 by the most advanced U2 DBA solution ever created.

When you deploy Mercury as your database management solution, you can expect the following:

Improved system performance.

Easy repair of corrupted files.

Complete control of your database.

Peace of mind.

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