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StaffOne Saves Time and Money with Mercury Database Console

As one of the leading professional employer organizations (PEOs) in the industry, StaffOne in Dallas, Texas has been providing their clients with impeccable human resource support and services for over 28 years. StaffOne is focused on providing service that will allow their clients to concentrate on the important, day-to-day core operations of their own businesses.

The nature of what StaffOne strives to provide for their own business clients means that they are already very familiar with the concept of turning to another experienced company for solutions that they are not equipped to supply themselves. So when Byron Hay, the Vice President of Information Technology for StaffOne, realized that the company needed to augment their existing expertise in the UniData database to provide the administration functions outside of their application, he turned to Paradigm Systems and our Mercury Database Console tool.

Mercury is a file management tool that provides users with complete control over their database, while also allowing for the convenient automation of processes that can be difficult or tedious to perform manually. Mercury was designed to help keep your database operating at peak performance levels by offering an environment that balances automation and user convenience, as well as providing manual override options that are accessible when you need them.

At Paradigm Systems, we always love hearing from our satisfied clients and wanted to know what led Byron Hay to choose our Mercury Database Console over similar products offered by some of our competitors in the business.

“Mercury is a great product” he said, “it simplifies much of the ordinary UniData maintenance functions via a very powerful graphical web interface and automation processes, saving time and money.”

StaffOne uses the Mercury tool to perform the all maintenance functions on their UniData database.  Because Mercury simplifies the interface that is usually associated with these kinds of functions from a command line interface to a more intuitive, graphic one, it can be easier and less intimidating for those who aren’t experts. Many companies, including StaffOne, that have chosen Mercury Database Console have credited this simplification with saving them the money it would have cost to contract a database administrator.

Paradigm Systems has always been a believer in the reliable automation of database maintenance functions, which is another reason that our clients choose the Mercury tool over other available options. We are confident in our knowledge of the UniData and UniVerse databases and are ready and willing to assist our clients by sharing that knowledge with them and building a solid understanding between what we offer and what our clients need.

Paradigm Systems is so pleased that we have been able to offer StaffOne our service as they continue their dedicated journey to become one of the top professional employer organizations in the nation. We always ask our satisfied customers what they would tell other businesses who are facing the same challenges that led them to us – here’s what StaffOne VP of Information Technology, Byron Hay had to say:

“They should definitely give Paradigm Systems a call and start using Mercury as soon as possible.  You’ll be glad you did!”

If your own business could benefit from a robust database management tool that can make your database operations run smoother and more efficiently, contact us today to schedule a product demo. We look forward to hearing from you!

EngagePEO and Mercury Database Console: A Success Story

When Ralph Labarta, the CTO at EngagePEO in Tampa, Florida began looking for a database management solution to alleviate the issues his rapidly growing business was facing, he researched the options available and ultimately chose to use our software, Mercury Database Console.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Mercury Database Console, it is a robust file management tool that can help keep your UniData or UniVerse (U2) database maintained properly – a process that requires more than simply analyzing and resizing your files.

In order to perform at the highest level, U2 databases also require file type analysis and the creation, organization and management of file indices, as well as regular monitoring for signs of potential file corruption and if needed,  the repair of corrupted files. Mercury has been designed to analyze your database files extensively and use the results of that analysis to recommend new parameters, which you can either accept or override on a per file basis. Mercury gives you complete control over your database, but also allows you the choice to conveniently automate processes as needed.

When EngagePEO, a Professional Employer Organization, which provides other companies with outsourced services in managing payroll, benefits and human resources and with only 5 years under their belt in an industry full of competition, their dedication to providing excellent service to their clients has paid off, making them one of the largest and most respected service providers in their field. This success has led to a welcome stream of new clients coming in all the time. But as their business grows, so does the ongoing challenge of ensuring that the technical resources of their business operations can stay apace with their impeccably high level of service to clients.

“Growth, although a good thing, stresses your capability to focus on the very things that have made you successful” said Labarta. “Technology investment is the key to addressing these challenges.”

We are proud that Mercury has been the solution to EngagePEO’s concerns about staying true to the things that earned them so many clients in the first place. They chose to go with Mercury for their database maintenance and monitoring, and have been pleased to find that it is both easy to use and that it also fills in some of the functional gaps that are not a built-in part of the U2 database software provided by the database manufacturer.

Since implementing Mercury, the technology personnel at EngagePEO have had more time to focus on making improvements and had to spend less time on the routine database maintenance tasks that can be automated with the Mercury software. Labarta was also happy to report that they have seen other benefits of using Mercury, such as a reduction in downtime and resource requirements and an increased performance of their database, as well as more confidence in the reliability of their system.

Ralph Labarta had this final remark regarding what he would say to other businesses facing a challenge similar to EngagePEO. “Technology investment must be challenged based on sound economic logic. The analysis must encompass all the elements that contribute to the customer experience. You can’t spend on application development only to have database related availability issues. We started our analysis from the bottom-up, first establishing a sound and well maintained database infrastructure and then developing applications on that foundation.”

To learn more about Paradigm Systems, Mercury Database Console product, please visit our web site at and locate a reseller in your area.